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2018 is right around the corner.  If you’ve never done Outdoor Advertising or haven’t in awhile contact us please.  We’re looking for companies and organizations who want to be Bold with their Brand in 2018.  And we’ll help you with our Big Bold Advertising Ideas that will help grow your business.

Allison Digital Network

Allison Digital Network is the largest digital billboard network in WNC, NE Georgia and the Tri-Cities. We offer clients access up to 22 Digital Billboards.

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Welcome to Allison Outdoor

Allison Outdoor began in 1958 as a small custom sign and billboard company. Over the years Allison Outdoor has grown to become the largest Outdoor Advertising Company in Western North Carolina and North Georgia. Since Early 2016 we expanded our footprint into the Tri-Cities of Tennessee. Our markets include Johnson City, Kingsport and Elizabethton. In total we have more than 1,200 billboard faces in over 15 counties.

Allison Outdoor has the widest array of Outdoor Advertising Products and Premier Locations in our markets. Our inventory consists of State of the Art Digital Billboards, Bulletins, Tri-Visions, Posters and Jr Posters. We will be more than happy to customize a package to fit your budget needs.

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