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Why Billboards

Billboards are Cost Efficient
Billboards have the lowest cost per thousands of impressions than all other media types. Your ad is available to consumers 24/7 on a billboard so your ad spend efficiency increases dramatically compared to the intermittent coverage offered by radio, television, print, or internet.

If you have limited ad dollars to spend, a billboard has the potential for the widest in our increasingly fragmented media environment and the only media that is unavoidable.

Billboards Deliver Your Message
Billboard advertisers dominate the media landscape by complementing our mobile lifestyles. The average American commute is 51 minutes and 92% of drivers are exposed to outdoor advertising in a 7 day period. Businesses can target the time starved consumer with a billboard message that says who you are and what you sell with a few short words and images that can’t be turned off or thrown away like other media.

Billboard advertising is big, bold and colorful with unlimited creative potential to capture consumer interest and give your business a competitive edge. Outdoor is unbeatable for branding and local advertisers can access this same benefit widely used by national brands to tap into the psyche of consumers.


Outdoor gives you long term product recognition and reminds potential customers daily how to access your products. The durability of your message builds the credibility of your business.

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