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Advertising in Kingsport made Easy

With the Winter Thaw starting to take place and more and more people coming out of Covid restrictions you may be thinking of new ways to reach your audience in Kingsport, TN. Allison Outdoor Advertising wants to make it easy for any potential customer to advertise.

A 4 Week advertising campaign on our Kingsport Digital Network can produce over 1.8 Million impressions with our three locations in Kingsport. Two of them are located on E. Stone Drive and the other is on Center Street in Downtown Kingsport. Since your running on digital you can change up your message, stay relevant and never worry about paying a design / production fee.

Below are ll three locations including East Stone Drive heading West at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Click on the Images Below to check out our Drone Footage

East Stone Drive heading East towards Bristol.

Center Street heading to Downtown Kingsport.

If you want to advertise you can Call / Email Cheryl Stickley directly or go here and fill out the form. When advertising in the Tri-Cities you have a choice. We appreciate if you make Allison Outdoor your #1 Choice.


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