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It's Bristol Baby

We are happy to announce that Allison Outdoor is now serving Bristol, TN / VA. We are Live with the most unique Billboard in all of the Tri-Cities. A Vertical 23 ft Tall x 21 ft Wide back to back Digital Display at the 5 point intersection of Euclid and W. State Street. With multiple traffic lights and long dwell time this makes a perfect spot to advertise your message.

Space is limited, so reach out by email to our Sales Rep Nick Stickley or by phone at 423-360-4809 to book your spot today.

And if you want to reach the Entire Tri-Cities Market try the Allison Outdoor Digital Network. It is the largest Digital Network in the Tri-Cities with over 16 Hi-Res Displays serving Johnson City, Elizabethton, Kingsport and Bristol.



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