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Road Trippin

Memorial Day is always the unofficial Kick Off to Summer. And this Summer may be the Ultimate Family Road Trip. Since Covid 19 has made many travelers wary to fly the friendly skies, this Summer will pave the way for families to hit the open road and have adventures within driving distance and also while social distancing as well.

"It might take some time before air travel numbers recover. I think that there's still a lot of hesitation among travelers who want to be in confinement with other travelers that they don't know. So that can take some time. Gas prices are slowly recovering. We saw prices plummet for the past several months because people were not driving as much. Now prices are rising and that's an indicator that people are returning to the road," said AAA Spokesman Mark Jenkins.

So what does this all mean? Allison Outdoor spans 3 states and is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain ranges and all that it encompasses. If you are a small, regional or national business and you want to target the Family Road Trippers this summer then reach out to us and find out how we can help promote your brand.

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